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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


  • Can you design logos?


Yes, I can design a logo from scratch or redesign something you might already have. 



  • How do I get a custom art toy?


Send me an email at and I can fill you in on the details. 

  • How much does it cost for a custom toy?


Every custom project is different. The price depends on the cost of the blank toy, the size, how difficult it is to paint and what type of design the client wants.



  • How long will it take for my custom work to be completed?


It really depends on the project.  Custom toys take about a week once I start but usually there is a waiting list.  Graphic design work such as logos and website design can vary depending on how many changes are made during the design process.



  •  How do I pay for my custom work?
I use Quickbooks to send invoices and also accept PayPal for payments.



  • When do I have to pay?


All work is started after a deposit of 50%-100%.  Percent depends on the total cost of the job.

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