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skull t-shirt

I'm selling everything from prints to shirts to original hand painted artwork. Support my work and get something unique in my shop.

Go to my store here.


I'm an artist


I have a BFA degree from the Art Institute of Washington and have over 14 years of experience in the field of graphic design. I've helped clients with logos, brochures, signage, website design, labels, product photography, app design, posters, t-shirt design and much more.

Check out some of my client projects here.

I can provide design services for your business.
I love to create unique hand-painted art. 

When it comes to painting I have no limits. I have done murals, bikes, shoes, cards, cases, jet headrests for F-16's and much more. I'd love to talk about your next custom painted project.

Check out some of my custom painted projects here.

Hand painted Moon mask Jessica Esper
hand painted vinyl toy Mega Android
I customize designer vinyl art toys.

You can send me your blank toy to paint or I can use one from my inventory. If you need something specific like colors, theme etc. or just want me to be creative I can make it happen. 

Check out some of the art toys I've painted here.

Illustration is
my meditation.

Ever since I was a kid I have been drawing. It has been a passion since elementary school and well into adulthood. I discovered Photoshop late in high school and realized I could digitally incorporate my illustrations. The power of coloring digitally saved me tons of time and I'd often get unexpected results that I'd end up going with for the final product. 

Check out some of my illustration projects here.

My Skillshare Class

I get so many questions about vinyl toys that I decided to create a class all about it! After doing lots of research on customizing vinyl toys, I realized many people paint them but never show the process. The few I did find were not very informative and left out many important details.


So I set out to make a class that would be exactly what I was looking for as a beginner. I plan on making more customizing videos in the future. Until then you can enjoy my current class on Skillshare.

Sign up for my class here and get one month free!

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